The guidebook 'Omotenashi' introduces the charm of eating in Kanazawa and has been published in five languages: English, French, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional).
You can obtain it free of charge from Komatsu airport, hotels or Kanazawa Station.

The guidebook and this website contain restaurants that warmly welcome visitors from other countries with a positive attitude. If you access this website from the guidebook you will be able to find a detailed map of each restaurant's location and you will find it much easier to get to the restaurant of your choice. We sincerely hope that you will have the ultimate culinary experience during your time here in Kanazawa.

If you obtain a guidebook that contains a questionnaire we would be very grateful for your cooperation in completing it.
You can download a PDF file of the English version of the guidebook from the following link:

Other versions:
  • * The size of the PDF files are large so please download them from a Wi-Fi enabled area.