In Kanazawa, we are promoting a system in which foreign tourists, visitors on business and students can both obtain and dispatch local information easily through the Internet by means of a public Wi-Fi network.

There are a number of facilities and establishments in the city that have been set up as Wi-Fi network access spots.
Show Access Points

The access points in facilities in Kanazawa which have the network name(SSID)can be found using the mark 「’freespot’=SecurityPassword(AES)」.
With regard to the connection process, please refer to ‘About connection to FREE SPOT’.
The access point (SSID)network name provided by NTT West Hokuriku Kanazawa is ‘Kanazawa Wifine’. For details of the connection process please refer to the PDF file ‘Kanazawa Hikari Wi-Fi Trial Service Wi-Fi Connection Instructions’.
The (SSID)network name of the access points provided by ‘KOSHIN(Wi2 300)’ is ‘wi2’.
Please refer to the information below for the connection method:

Step1: Send a blank e-mail to the following address: ‘’ and you will be provided with a guest code (password) necessary for connection (no text is necessary in the main body of the e-mail either).

Step2: On the Wi-Fi connection screen of your device select SSID ‘Wi2’.

Step3: Open your browser and on the log-in page type in your ‘guest code’ and you will have one hour free service of Wi-Fi(wireless LAN)in the access point area.
In order to use the Wi-Fi services of NTT docomo, au (KDDI), or SoftBank it is necessary to have a contract with these companies.
as at 31st.Jan.2013